Lubinski Best Paper


Each year, the petroleum division honors the best petroleum mechanical engineering paper presented at OTC. The award is given to encourage high standards of quality in the papers presented at OTC. The originator of the ASME Study Committee for the Exchange of Offshore Information that led to the formation of OTC was Arthur Lubinski, for whom this award is named. He received the Petroleum Division award for his work in 1968. The ASME OTC Technical Committee chooses this winner from papers submitted at OTC. There is no application process.


2014 Winning paper:

OTC 25403 Subsea Wellhead and Riser Fatigue Monitoring in a Strong Surface and Submerged Current Environment

Authors:  Scot McNeil,  Puneet Agarwal,  Dan Kluk, Kenneth Bhalla, Ron Young, Steve Burman, Stergios Liapis, saurabh Jain, Vikas Jhingran, Stephen Hodges, Early Denison


2014 Nominees/Runners Up:

Olsen, C. et al. Lessons Learned - Counter-acts Used To Install Pipelines  (OTC 25117)
Zhang, L., et al., Reliability Analysis of Lazy Wave Steel Catenary Riser (LWSCR) Using Real-Time Monitoring Data (OTC 25188) 
Lewis, K., Subsea Well Response Project Enhances International Well Incident Intervention  (OTC 25259)
Brown, L., et al., Deep Water Pipeline Repair in the Gulf of Mexico (OTC 25275)
Newport, A., Espirito Santo: Operational Feedback on the Use of Steel Rises on a Turret Moored FPSO (OTC 25354)
Cooper, P., A.,  BP Angola PSVM Project: Production Flowline Lateral Buckling Design (OTC 25396)




2013 Winning Paper:

OTC 23943  Design Guideline Strategies for HPHT Equipment

Authors: H. Brian Skeels, Kwok Lun Lee, Anand Venkatesh
FMC Technologies

2013 Nominees included:

Porciuncula,et al. Cascade and Chinook Subsea Development: A Challenging and Successful Case History (OTC 24162) 

Sum, et al. Multiphase Flow Modeling of Gas-Water-Hydrate Systems, (OTC 24099)

Ma et al., A Historical Review on Integrity Issues of Permanent Mooring Systems (OTC 24025)

Pathak, et al. Design Method Combing API and ASME Codes for Subsea Equipment for HPHT Conditions Up to 25,000 psi Working Pressure and Temperature to 400°F, (OTC 23928)

Kluk, et al. Development of a Real-Time Riser Fatigue Monitoring System, (OTC 24216)

2012 Winning Paper:

Compact Separation Technologies and their Applicability for Subsea Field Development in Deepwater

OTC 23223

A. Hannisdal, R.Westra, M. R Akdim, A. Bymaster, E. Grave, D.Teng

2012 Nominees included:
Nikolaos Politis, Hugh Banon, Christopher Curran --HIPPS-Based Design of Flowlines and Risers (22908)

Libang Zhang, Ayman Eltaher, Paul Jukes -- Riser VIV Axial Analysis and Mathieu instability Mitigation (23048)

Gregory Toguyeni, Joachim Banse -- Mechanically Lined Pipe: Installation by Reel-lay (23096)

Carlos Moraes, Fabricio da Silva, Luiz Marins, Andre Monteiro, Dennis de Oliveira, Rafael Pereira, Rogerio Pereira, Amadeu Alves, Gelmirez Raposo, Laura Figuiredo, Rene Orlowski, Heliosa Folhadela, Rene Mikkelsen, Jostein Kolbu, Lachlan McKenzie, Zabia Elamin, Ole McLimans -- Marlim 3 Phase     Subsea separation system: Subsea Proces Design and technology Qualification Program (23417)

Hugh Banon, Philippe Lavagana, Xavier Connaulte -- Ultra Deepwater Morring & SCR Solution for disconnectible FPSO’s (23500)

R. Orlowski, M. Euphemio, F. Castro, C. Andrade, F. Guedes, L. da Silva, R.     Pestena, G. de Cerqueira, I. Louranco, A. Pivari, A. Witka, H. Folhadella, L. Pacheco, S. Kronemberger, J. Vilela -- Marlim 3 Phase Subsea Separation system – Challenges and solutions for the Subsea Separation Station to cope with Process requirements (23552)


2011 Winner:

OTC21611 - Field validation and learning of the Parque das Conchas (BC-10) Subsea Processing System and Flow Assurance Design
C. Deuel, Y.D. Chin, J. Harris, J. Germanese and N. Seunsom